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Downloadable Rhino Basics Class

The beginners course introduces the basic tools and various modelling strategies of Rhino 3D.

Online, self paced
Course duration
German, English



  • N Basic knowledge of Rhino3D or other 3D software is an advantage but not essential.
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The focus of the seminar is to oversee and simultaneously practice the main functions of Rhino3D and the application of the tools in small manageable exercises.

The workshop is accompanied by the Level 1 manual. In addition, you will gain an insight of efficient data organization incl. layer structure or the use of object libraries.

For the representation of 3D models various techniques incl. the integrated Rhino renderer will be shown. You will learn the use of colors, textures and materials to ensure an attractive or customer-oriented representation. Furthermore we will see digital workflow like interface with other softwares, Import & Export of file formats.

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