MArch Dipl.-Ing Susana Karrasch is a german polyfacettic engeneer and designer with architectural background. Over 20 years she and her team act/work in the field of digital design & production in projects from design, architecture & product for international clients. 

Since 2006 Susana teaches CAD Software main focus in Rhino3D to companies, creative individuals or academic institutions. Since 2008 she holds the Status of Authorized Rhino 3D trainer by McNeel& Associates /rhino3d.com. Herefore the research and praxis experience is a big advantage that enriches the content of workshops and tries to enhance individual workflow and participants goals, offering different aproaches to the participants to improve their workflow.

Main topics are complex geometries and digital & parametric design and fabrication/CAD-CAM methods.

Her international Clients of workshops & consultancy include companies from diverse Industry branches and designscales: from Architecture to Jewelery, Medical, Ship & Yachtdesign and Automotive: companies such as Siemens, St Gobain, T-Mobile, Knauf, Innolite, Jokon, Fürstenberg-Porzellan, Jürgen Mayer H and other Designstudios.

In academics among others to mention the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria, Academie van Bouwkunst Rotterdam, Netherlands, PBSA Peter Behrens School of Architecture Duesseldorf, Germany, Institute of IAAC- advanced architecture of Catalonia, Barcelona and ESTA Universidad de Sevilla, Spain.

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